Outlaw Cabins

If you wish to contact us by e-mail, phone or letter please contact us at:

WY , US , 82520
Call: 307-332-9655

Call: 877-732-9655 toll free
Email: wunderranch@outlawcabins.com

Get Directions To:
2411 Squaw Creek Rd.
Lander Wyoming 82520



    Go to Main Street at the Fifth Street intersection; there is a sign on the traffic signal that says Sinks Canyon Road, pointing south.  Follow 5th Street until you come to Fremont Street, the last street in Lander.  There is another sign at the end of Fifth Street showing the way to Sinks Canyon State Park.   Follow that street until you come to a sign just before an intersection that says Squaw Creek Road (on the right side of the street).  A little further there is a sign that says Sinks Canyon State Park. Do not go toward Sinks Canyon!  Take the Squaw Creek Road.  Just about at the end of the intersection there is a small sign on the right hand side of the highway that says Outlaw Cabins 4.5 miles.  Just before you reach the ranch, you will cross a cattle guard.  Slow down as it is easy to miss our turn-off.  Less than a quarter of a mile you will come to our turn-off to the ranch. We have red roofs on the cabins and two houses.  There is a sign on the left-hand side of our lane that says “OUTLAW CABINS” with a small iron sign that says "WUNDER RANCHES" above it.  On the right hand side is a log sign that says "OUTLAW CABINS".  There are mailboxes on the right-hand side of the road that have Wunder Ranches, 2415 and Outlaw Cabins 2411.  There are two-fire lane numbers on the post by the cattle guard numbered, 2415 and 2411.  You can see the cabins from the road.  When you arrive go to the log house just past the white house and cabins.  I hope this helps.  Happy traveling!